Everything happens for a reason and it happens when it's the right time, nothing happens by chance.
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There's always something new to know. If you are here, that's because you feel there's something in here... You've landed on dry land.

No laws consider the living homo. We can recall that all administrative and never legislative acts, by their very nature, generally begin with "To all Natural and Legal Persons...".

These pages are the sum of many lives oriented to research something, some drops of an hidden history... now unveiled.

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Nothing is more visible than what is hidden


The values of individual and collective truth, honor, transparency and responsability are the four fondamental pillars for living and free homo. Through a process of information, knowledge and awareness every One creates and follows the their inner path and journey in the world.

Explore these pages, stay as long as you want and bring with you whatever you are looking for.

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galileo galilei

phisician, philosopher

A small truth is better than a big lie